Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What's "it" all about anyway?

Do I know what it's all about? Certainly not (which is why this blog's title is a question and its subtitle a very vague promise placed somewhere in the uncertain future). Do you know what it's all about? (If such is the case, please let me know by leaving a comment.) Does anyone know? (If it's not you, but you know of someone else who has found the answer, also please let us know.)

What is the question anyway? (This inevitably brings back to mind the question-answer issue raised around the number 42 in Douglas Adams' post-Picassian "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"). What is the "it" in the title of this blog? I, for one, do not really know - but to stop tyrannizing you I shall reveal to you that this blog anyway is about anything I might feel I'd like to share with you online. And what that is, we shall discover together as we go along. At least that has now been clarified. Hope you come here often (or subscribe to the blog's feed) and hope you make some comments to liven up this whole thing.

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